• Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Olivia’s collection of guitar lessons for beginners are designed to teach you how to play acoustic or electric guitar by covering the absolute basics up through playing chords and songs. You’ll learn about parts of the guitar, scales, right and left hand form, chord progressions, strumming patterns, and more.  Relax, have fun, and start learning how to play guitar. This class is designed for students ages 11-16. 


•This is a 5 week program with 30 minute classes

•Classes are every Wednesday beginning October 5th from 5:30-6:00 please arrive ten minutes early to set up. 

•Each student will need their own guitar and pick. You can choose to bring in and learn on an acoustic or electric. 

•We will be starting with tabs and move up gradually to easy chords and easy songs 

•This is a judge free zone! If you need extra help after class we will help you! 

•Missed classes will not roll over. 


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