Mealtime Survival Kit

A simplified meal planning, more time and more energy, less chaotic mealtimes, and children who love trying out new food. This kit includes a 36-page guide developed in collaboration with the Quebec nutritionist Maman Mange Bien, offering a multitude of tips to make meal planning easier, tips to save time, money and energy, advice to help your children eat everything and tips to help children adopt good eating and eating behaviors. Plus, this kit includes lots of fun tools to implement all the tips and advice in the guide.



1 36-page survival guide

1 grocery list notepad

1 set of 12 lunch box notes cards with a special message and customizable back

1 "I can pack my own lunch" stickers for the lunch box

1 "I Discover new foods" poster

1 table manners tent card

1 set of 52 conversation cards

4 levels of "Grocery store treasure hunt"

4 table service and task distribution cards


Made in Canada

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